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Many clients with requirements for an Ipswich home search come to us seeking help in navigating the complex process of buying a home in the South East of England.

Ipswich is thought to be one of England’s most ancient towns with it’s roots in the Anglo Saxon period. Originally the town developed around the dock area as trade roots to Scandinavia and other parts of North West Europe grew to prominence after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Improved transport links to London have been partially responsible for the town’s more recent period of gentrification. This has turned the largely industrial dock area into a more residential and commercial district to attract those affluent residents towards an Ipswich home search.

An Ipswich home search will appeal to anyone looking for a more urban base within the famously rural county of Suffolk. It offers the best of both worlds with excellent facilities and yet within easy reach of Suffolk’s rolling rural landscapes and the East coast of the UK.

Those choosing an Ipswich home search for a more urban lifestyle will have plenty to choose from. Famously known as Constable Country the area south of Ipswich has resulted in a clustering of cultural elements in the town. The town is home to many artists and galleries including Christchurch Mansion, the Town Hall and the Artists Gallery in Electric House.

Historically an Ipswich home search may be more focused on a holiday home or rental property but the improvement in transport facilities in the area mean that those looking for a home with a reasonable commute are able to consider the area as they can now access London in approximately 75 minutes.

Please do not hesitate to call us to speak to one of our property consultants who can help offer further information and advice on your Ipswich home search or alternatively please visit the Ipswich Borough Council website.

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